November 26, 2013

The Season of Ice and Sticks

I call this the "Season of Ice and Sticks".  All the color is gone from the surrounding landscapes and it's sometimes hard to get enthused about anything. White, browns, and grays surround us everywhere and it seems that if we get to see the sun once a week, we are lucky.

But like this season in the past we will get through it but for me each year seems to get a little longer.

On Sunday, the lake finally closed over with ice.  But some reason, I consider this the real start of winter.  It the temps stay cold, ice fishing will start in a couple of weeks.  Some people really find it hard to wait, but not me. I always figured if God wanted me to walk on water (even frozen), He would have made me a whole lot better then I am.

The bare trees and bushes just add to the bland surrounding.  Some people like winter.  For me it's time to read and think up projects to do next year.  I don't really know why I do this, since I always have things from the previous year(s) that I have yet to do.  Maybe I'll not think up anything new and just go back and finish projects on my "To Do" list and as for reading, if I don't get any more books this year, I still have enough to last me for at least three years.  Thanks to my 2 Kindles's I have about 100 saved up there and actual books is over 25.  Guess you could call me a book hoarder.


Tabor said...

this problem I find with Kindle is that it is too easy to shop and download stuff to read and it is hard to keep track of what was in that book I read last month, because it is not a hardbound that I can easily pick up and peruse the back cover. I have quit ordering books on my Kindle, I have too many I still must read.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Winter does present a problem to the photographer.There is so often a lack of colour,but still there is beauty around.Happy Thanksgiving.

warriormom said...

That certainly is a lot of books! I look forward to seeing what birds will come to your feeders this winter. How are the cats doing? Happy Thanksgiving to you!!