September 2, 2013

Red-necked Grebe Chick

In the middle of July after I got back from building the deck on my son's house, I spotted a pair of Red-necked Grebe's with a chick.  I think this might only be about the second time I've seen a chick since I've been up here.

At the time I thought that it sure seemed late in the season for young hatchling until a couple of days later I saw another pair with a chick. 

It also seemed funny to me that there was only one chick, so I looked it up.  Red-necked Grebe's normally lay from 1 to 9 eggs.  I'm thinking with the late spring and migration, that this might be something they do to compensate (small hatch).  Another thought was that maybe this was either a young or old couple that affected how many eggs were laid.  I have no idea and it's all a guess on my part.

I like the stripes on the head of the chick.


Ruth's Photo Blog said...

They look like good parents. The baby is cute.

joated said...

That baby might be a Michigan fan.