June 24, 2013

Famous Last Words

We all probably have a list of our famous last words.  My latest originated while working on the steps from last week.

And what stupid utterance did I make?  "I don't get a sunburn.  I turn a little red and then tan."  Well, I did turn red (a lot red) and now have a good tan but the week in between was not a comfortable one.  The problem (at least for me) is first, admitting I was wrong and second, recognizing there may be a problem and doing something about it.  I call this my stubborn streak.

Hot sun, long winter resulting in pasty colored skin (not my usual), thinner skin as I get older and three days before I started using sun screen, led to a pretty good burn with lots of little blisters on my arms and hands, top of my ears, and the back of my neck.  All is healed now but still pealing a little skin.

Glad it happen now.  Have a 43' x 12' deck to build in July.  I now have a big bottle of sun screen.

1 comment:

Sally Martin said...

Ouch. Sorry that looks painful.