February 26, 2013

Squirrel Size

Last week I tried to give you some perspective on the size of the little Red (Pine) Squirrel.  I decided to do it again but a little differently.

First, I'll show you a old Gray Squirrel.  I can tell the age a little bit by the hairs on the back of the ears.  The older the squirrel, the whiter the hairs are.  This old fat guy or gal doesn't get excited by much of anything in the first picture.  In the second picture you can see this is really true when you can see a Pine Squirrel right next to it.  Normally, they will not tolerate being this close.  It also shows you the difference in size.

The last two pictures show a little Pine Squirrel by itself.  To give you something to measure the size by, the oak tree is around 24inches wide where the squirrel is.

1 comment:

Peruby said...

LOL! He (or she) is a chubby one! I guess that is a good thing in the squirrel world. Err...maybe not. I guess they need to be able to run fast and climb fast. Makes you wonder how he lived so long.