January 28, 2013

My new clean-up crew

Well, it took the deer a long time to finally find the bird feeders but once they did they now visit and clean-up at least daily.  I actually have been seeing them once during the day and then they visit at night.  When they are done, there isn't a bit of seed left anywhere.  So will be nice not to have to clean up all the unused bird seed in the spring.

All but the last picture are of the youngsters which are twins born last spring.  In the last picture, Mom is on the left and the twins are on the right.


Janice K said...

Oh, my...They are tall enough to even eat out of the feeder!

I always feel extra blessed any day the deer stop by--except maybe when they are eating my tulips as they pop out of the ground.

cindyzlogic said...

So precious!

dAwN said...

Ha ha..sweet! ...your seed will disappear quickly!