January 14, 2013

Dark-eyed Junco

I have really had a hard time tying to get any good pictures of the little Juncos.  Overcast days and a gray and white bird on the snow, makes for difficult times.  I'm still trying but the going is slow.  If they would just land in the trees a little more often, I'm sure that would help along with some sunny days.

I don't have many Juncos this year...only a half a dozen or so.  The ones that are still around are all the slate sided variety but did get one picture of an Oregon variety before all the snow.  The Oregon in the last picture.


Sally Martin said...

Richard, I for one and I am sure many others appreciate the effort you put into all your pictures. Beautiful birds. Interesting to see the different of the Oregon bird. Thank you!

Janice K said...

I love the second picture with the rainbow of colors in the background!