January 23, 2013

Bad Pictures

This is a short continuation from yesterday's post on flight pictures.

I tried one more time for some flight/landing pictures.  I still haven't figured out the camera settings yet, so need to keep practicing. The pictures today was taken with a fixed focus and you can see the out of focus results.  I think the auto focus on my mid range lens will work but have yet to try it.

I also ran into two other problems.  First, from where I'm shooting pictures out the garage windows is about 90 degrees from where I need to be.  This tends to give side pictures instead of one that need to be head-on.  A second, the middle of January in Minnesota with temps around zero degrees F. is not weather for me and my camera outside.  It sure doesn't take long for the fingers and toes to go numb and the drain on the camera also goes way up.

I did manage to get one fairly decent shot.

Still have a long, long way to go but sure is fun.  Can't wait for good, warm, sunny spring weather.

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warriormom said...

I love the flight/landing pictures. I've been trying and between the equipment and the operator, I haven't had much success. All of mine are like impressionist paintings....(positive spin on out of focus). I think yours are great! I'm happy to get wings and never focus on feet; I love the shot with the blue jays landing gear ready to deploy!