December 26, 2012

Sparrows...Little Brown Snowflakes

The little sparrows are the most overlooked of all the birds.  We see them everyday and everywhere and still overlook them.

Sparrows are like snowflakes...they all look the same but everyone is different.  They all get referred to as "LBB's"  (little Brown Birds) or "LBJ's" (little Brown Jobs).  We just need to tqake a little time and take a close look at them.  Although somewhat drab, they still are very pretty little birds.

Like just about everyone else, I have a fairly large flock that winters over every year.  I call them "My Little Brown Clean-up Crew" since they make sure that no bird seed goes to waste.


Tabor said...

Quite a few LBJs. Ours are mostly white-throated sparrows.

warriormom said...

I do enjoy sparrows. I love the flying shot!