December 6, 2012

Bald Eagle

My luck with birds is holding for this year.  One afternoon last week I walked over to the sliding glass doors to look at the thin coat of ice that was forming on the lake.  Just as I looked out, a Bald Eagle made a lazy circle right in front of me.  I ran and grabbed the camera and went back to the door but it didn't circle again.  In fact I didn't see it anywhere over the lake, so walked over to another window and looked up in the trees further down the shore line and spotted it setting in the top of a tree.

So, I headed other the back door, through the garage, and around the house to try and get closer.  As my luck would have it, there was a big tree that blocked my view but also blocked the eagle's view of me, so I took advantage and got a little closer.

I eased the camera around the tree and focused on the eagle only to discover there were two of them in the tree adult and a young bird.  Since it was a young bird, I feel it's safe to say that it was a hatch year bird since it was still with an adult.  I managed a couple of pictures before the the adult flew out and made a few more circles giving me a chance at some good flight pictures.  All the time the adult was circling, the youngster just watched from the tree.  After a couple of circles, the adult flew down the lake and the youngster soon followed but not before on last shot of it.


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Wow! Lucky you!

edifice rex said...

OMG!!!!!!!!!! those are amazing!! so beautiful!