November 6, 2012

Young Purple Finch

Not much going on here.  But then I see the same from most of the blogs I follow.  Yep, it that time of the year when everything is winding down for the long sleep.  For me, November the month of the year that I dislike the most.  Shorter days and a whole lot of gray skies dominate the month.  Just the first week and I would love to see a little sun each day.  I'd settle for just an hour or two.

On the birding front, not much has changed there either.  I have seen a few more 1st year birds particularly in the finches.

The pictures below are what I'm pretty sure is a 1st year Purple Finch.  Note the dark breast stripes which is found in the Purple compared to lighter breast markings in the House Finch.  Since I have both here, I may be mistaken in the ID.

I also noted that this young bird has one white/clear toenail...interesting.

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Tabor said...

Nice. I am getting lots of robins and yellow rumped warblers for some reason.