November 26, 2012

Just Ducky

Around the middle of November each year, after the majority of the ducks have departed, the stragglers congregate in front of my house on the lake.  They come in small groups of 2 to 5 and make a flock of mixed birds.  They feed in the shallows for a day or two and then all depart for warmer weather.  I have driven around the lake at these times and the only birds you see are the group at my place.  So each year at this time, I get to shoot a lot of duck pictures and then look up the majority of them since I can't remember them from spring to fall.  I'm getting better at IDing them but I just don't get to see them that much.

So this week, I'll devote to duck pictures.  Today are a few pictures of the male Bufflehead.  The pictures aren't as clear as they could be.  All were shot through a window from a good distance away.


Janice K said...

That is one I have never seen before. I like the reflection!

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Good looking pictures. I know what you mean about having to look up some of these birds for ID year after year.

Tabor said...

These are one of my favorites. So shy in our area, but they should be coming to our river in a few weeks. Great photos.