November 19, 2012

Canada Geese

Looked out the front window about a week ago after hearing a goose honk and was surprised to see a fairly large gaggle feeding in the shallows along the shore.  Since our water levels are down close to 2 feet, that left a lot of shore and shallow water exposed.

The group numbered around 50 and stayed out there about a hour or so.  The pictures were shot with my little point-and-shoot camera and turned out pretty good.  You can see in the fourth picture how close they really were (about 50 feet from the house).  I don't know if they were part of the local geese that are around all summer or a group flying down from the north.  They really were only interested in eating not talking.

1 comment:

Tabor said...

Very good photographs. Nice contrast and tone. Geese are just starting to come in here and in very small numbers.