June 15, 2009


Just to have something different to blog about, I decided to show my little garden. A second motivation was to show Deb of Sand Creek Almanac (who is working hard to get her garden in) what a little garden a couple hundred of miles south of her looks like.

My three tomato plants. The one at the bottom of the picture got a little frost so it is a little slower but all have blooms on them.

Next is some sunflower plants. Only planted about a dozen of them and all came up except two. If I can keep the squirrels and blackbirds away from them at the end of the season, I should have some heads to put out for the birds next winter.

Next is my peas. They are doing great.

My green beans are something else. Only about 25% of them came up so went back and replanted. Really makes for some funny rows. If you notice the top center, I have two sunflowers growing in the row. Don't know how they moved from one side of the garden to the other and replanted themselves.

And finally, a bare area where I just planted my second crop of radishes. I planted two half rows the first time and ended up with too many radishes at the same time. The last ones were about the size of beets but surprisingly weren't hot or woody.

Update: Forgot to add that I had also planted two half rows of Cilantro and Basil and they never came up. So replanted onions instead and they didn't come up either. Don't know what's going on.

Yellow-headed Blackbirds

Still have plenty of the Yellow-headed Blackbirds around. Last year, when we had some rain, these birds moved to the farm fields to eat. This year, I'm feeding them.
I've noticed in the last week or so, that the females are coming in to eat now. I take this to mean that they are off the nest now and foraging for the young.

First here's the male that are always nice looking birds.

And here's the female...I think they are prettier then the males (and definitely harder working).