December 28, 2008

Playing With Pictures

I've been playing around with some pictures lately to see what I can do to change the overall effect.

Here is an early morning shot of snow in the back yard. First thing I did was to get the camera down closer to the snow for the picture. (I need to do this more often.) While this catches the overall area and the sparkle in the fresh snow, it's kind of drab to my liking.

So, I decided to play around with the temperature of the picture. First I tried to make the picture a little colder with a little blue tint. OK..the picture does look a little colder like an early morning shot.

Next, I tried to warm up the picture to see what I could get. This is done by adding yellows and golds the picture. Not bad...definitely different. It's like a late afternoon shot.

Here's a couple of more pictures just for the heck of it.