May 9, 2008

More GHO's

Went out this morning to walk around and see if there was anything new in the neighborhood. The sun is shining weakly but at least have some good lighting if I find anything to take pictures of.

Glanced up in the trees and right out in the open set one of the GHO fledgling I saw yesterday.

Walked around a little bit more and spotted the second one in another tree.

With these pictures, you can see that the coloring is different between the two and also that both are getting the ear tufts.

Great Horned Owl

I think that I said before that we see a couple of Great Horned Owls around here regularly. If we don't see them, we hear them.

The last few days, we have heard them a lot. But the calls have not been the usual "ho hoo hoo hoododo hooooo hoo" but rather a short "hoo".

Yesterday I found out why. Saw one GHO setting up in a tree. Got the camera and wandered out into the area and got this picture first. Strange chest markings but figured it was just the feathers fluffed out.
And then I saw this one which looked totally was much lighter in color. It wasn't until I downloaded it into the computer that I saw that it didn't have ear tufts.

Looked out the window a little later and noticed another one in the tree. Got this picture out the window. Then I snuck outside, it saw me and flew to a different tree.

So I got to looking around and checking out the trees again and spotted another owl. This one I got a little better picture of. Mom, Pop, and two fledglings.

Guess this will be my birding highlight for the week.