April 17, 2008

One Less Squirrel

Saw this out in the yard this morning. Guess I have one less squirrel to feed. Don't know if it was a hawk or an owl but they only left a little fur. Think it was probably a Pine Squirrel since it was a mix of gray and brown fur.

New Bird #15 - Hermit Thrush

Have only seen one of these birds even though they are suppose to be quite common. The Hermit Thrush migrates earlier in the spring and later in the fall then other thrushes.

Was out walking in the yard and saw this little bird. Thought at first it was a robin (about the same size) but as I got closer I noticed the brown spotted chest. It was a friendly bird and followed me around for a while. I think the word might be out among the birds that I'm a soft touch or something.