December 5, 2007


11 pm and time for bed but had to let everyone know it's -10 degrees and darn chilly out.

How To Measure Snowfall Amounts

Was watching TV the other night and during the commercial they had a promo that said "Did you ever wonder how official snowfall is measure in Minnesota? Find out tonight on the 10 o'clock news."

I thought, this might be interesting. Another high priced piece of equipment. I've always wanted to know how they measured snowfall, so I watched.

They started out by showing a yard with all the boxes that measure humidity, wind speed, etc. while the guy was explaining that in Minnesota, they have only four official spots they measured the snow in the whole state. (OK..interesting but only four?) He then was asked if he would show how they did it.

Sure, just walk over here in the snow. They showed a nice clean area with a flag sticking out of the snow. "This is where we do all our official measurements." Then he pulled out a 12 inch metal ruler and stuck it in the snow. 4.2 inches....He then reached down in the snow and pulled a piece of plywood out, scrapped it off, and dropped it back on the snow. "We use a metal ruler cause it's serves as a snow scrapper and measure four times a day."

The guy probably gets 50 grand a year to do that. Hey....I'll do it for 10.

Song Sparrow

One of the things that I had noticed recently was that we had no sparrows. I was used to living in the city and we of course had tons of House Sparrows. I kept a lookout over the last month or so and nothing. This really surprised me. I thought sparrows were everywhere.

The other morning I looked out by the feeder and spotted these guys.

If my identification is right, then these are Song Sparrows. They are a little bigger then most sparrows I've seen and have some really pretty markings.

I also spotted another new bird this morning. I believe it's another type of sparrow but they are extremely small...even smaller then the Chickadees. They also are early morning feeders. I couldn't get any pictures because of poor lighting but will keep my eyes open for later in the day.

Need to look out more then 1 window

Was setting this morning drinking my coffee and reading my favorite blogs, when I heard the guy that plows out the driveway. Why's he doing that? We only had about an inch of snow.

Went out and looked at what he was moving and found out we had between 3-4 inches. Guess I'm going to have to look out more then one window to try and measure snowfall.