November 22, 2007


Why to we see people in "monetary" terms before other ways of looking at them?

If you think about it, money has the least value in our lives of everything we have or don’t have. So why do we think of people in terms of money? If you don’t think money has the least value, then think about it this way. What else do you have in your life, that someone else has to make a constant adjustment in to keep it at the same value as when you first got it (bank interest)?

Money loses it’s value for each and every day you own it. Another example might be Social Security in which the government has to adjust each year just to keep it at the value of the previous year (or the year before) which means it can never be at the value when it was first obtained.

Keeping that in mind, I ask again, "Why do we place a persons’ value in monetary terms?"

I have found over the years that money no longer impresses me like it once did. I now value people more in what that have to offer me and others. By this I mean, do they make me feel better about myself, do they make me smile, am I comfortable with them or talking to them, can I include them in my list of friends. I have found that this is a much better way to value people. We all have something to offer others and most times we don’t realize what it is. It may be just a kind word said at the right time, it may be that "one" smile that makes your day, it may be just the thought that someone is thinking about you. These are the things that now "impress" me.

So the next step is "Why do we think of ourselves in monetary terms?" I think we all need to think of our personal worth as being able to answer the question "What do I have that will help others?" and how do I go about sharing that with them.

We have to quit worrying about what others think of us and quit trying to be all things to all people. We have to just be yourselves and we will find that we are truly more things to more people and that our whole life will be more in better harmony.

You Never Know What You'll See

One of the nice things about living on a lake, other then the scenery, is all the different types of wildlife you get to see.

I'll been living here for about 6 months now and my front yard seems to attract just about everything from deer, a bald eagle, tons of squirrels, chipmunks, and so many different birds it almost boggles the mind. But this morning, we spotted this setting on the sidewalk.